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Daytime Bible Study


Our DTBS meet every Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Family Center. We begin with a carry in lunch, and a time of fellowship. We then spend time in the scriptures studying God's Word and how it relates to our lives today. We are currently studying Paul's epistles.

Breakfast Club    Childrens Church

And Youth Group


We see our Children and young adults as the future leaders of all God has blessed us with.


See below the extended descriptions of our kids ministries.



Our radio program, "The Journey" can be heard every Sunday at 2pm on WGNZ 1110 AM or listen online at


The program teaches the foundation of Christian living from the time of Salvation till we meet our Lord face to face.

Our Goal


To love God and to Love our Neighbor is our reason to reach out and spread the Word of God. We want to lead as many people as we can to a life knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior. We are eager to express urgency in coming to Christ, repenting of sin, and knowing the Gospel as fact.

Childrens Ministries

Breakfast Club


Supervised time for the children to share a simple breakfast before that go to Sunday School followed by Children's Church.

The kids learn to pray a meal blessing taking turn each week. This is also a time for the kids to get to know one another and spend time discussing a short bible lesson.

Sunday School


Our teachers give the students a sound foundation of Biblical facts in a way that is interesting, and absorbable.

The Children are not only taught Bible stories, but what they tell us about how we should live and treat one another. Being kind, caring, and respectful are attributes we urge the children to display always.  

Children's Church


We believe that is important to give the children an understanding of the importance in being thankful to God. This thanksgiving is shown in praise and worship.  We teach the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Chirst and how a solid prayer filled life strengthens and grows that relationship.

Youth Group


Youth group is a time of building, and makeing new relationships with other Christian children.

Along with many fun activities the kids learn that we find our stength to overcome obsticles in the Lord.

They learn to encourage and care for one another as instructed in the Word of God.